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Q. Who is Alex Mastellone?

A. Alex is a a wedding and portrait italian photographer who just started working on destination weddings all around the globe.  He speaks fluent English, Italian and Spanish, you can find his bio here!

Q. You stated you are a "portrait photographer" so why should I choose a portrait photographer for my wedding?

A. I'm not only a portrait photographer, I'm also a travel photographer, a boudoir photographer a food photographer and a fashion photographer, and if you can't find why this will make me a GREAT wedding photographer, than you probably have never been to a wedding before!

Q. What do you offer as a Wedding Photographer?

A. I normally start from a Half-day coverage which starts at the ceremony and ends at the first dance, but definitely my best seller is the full day cover, which starts at bride preparation and ends at fireworks. I also offer a pre-wedding shooting which is a beautiful extra if yuou want to catch some intimacy away from friends and relatives. Discover the full offer and prices here!

Q. Why should I choose you as my photographer?

A. Probably the right question is "why not?".

I'm a person who always ask himself "why not?!" as I found this will open to me thousands of great opportunities that I could have missed.

Simply look at my portfolio:  I have my own style with my colours, my contrast, my point of view, my effort in catching your intimacy. I don't try to standardize myself, I don't advertise myself as "candid and airy" I don't empathise the cold and white colours fo the sky. I want to catch the emotion, the deep contact of the eyes. the intimate of a kiss, the warm feeling of the skin, the texture of the clothes, the brilliant sparkles made by the sun reflected by the sea. If this is what you need, than I'm here for you.

Q. What is a "Destination Wedding"?

A. Sometimes thinking at your wedding day you can feel that an intimate wedding in a heavenly location is much more attractive (and less expensive) than a classic, big event in your home city or country. This is the destination wedding! 

Is like getting married during your honeymoon.

The opportunity to make that day a dream just for you two and your closest ones.

Q. How much a destination wedding cost?

A. This is really difficult to standardise as it depends by your destination, your venue, how many people you want to bring with you, how long you want to stay etc. In general, due to the huge availability of beautiful destinations in the world, you can build your DW at any resonable price, even at same price as a "normal" local wedding.

Q. How much destination wedding photography cost?

A. This is another difficult question with a surprising answer: Destination wedding photography costs more or less the same as it would cost to hire a local photographer. We all know how, in most of the touristic places, if you are a tourist and especially if you don't speak the local language you will end up paying higher fees for a broad range of services, wedding photography is one of those.

Of course, bringing with you your destination photographer you will have to add the cost of flight, accomodation ad food, but in the end with a certain advance you will pay less than what you expect and benefit of a photographer being there with you for few days, speaking your language and sometimes also the local language, giving you tips and advices and taking care of the quality of the work as your happiness is his best advertising.

Q. Which are the most popular locations for destination weddings?

A. This really depens by where you are coming from! Some of the most common locations in europe for destination weddings are:

Italy: Amalfy Coast, Capri, Lake Como, Florence and all Tuscany, Sardinia.

Spain: Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca.

Greece: Santorini, Mikonos, Corfu, Athens, Zakynthos

France: Paris, Cote D'Azur, Provence, Normandy, Bretagne.

Portugal: Lisbon, Algarve, Sintra.

There is also plenty more worldwide, such as: Hawaii, Cuba, Thailand, Fiji, Mexico and much more...

Q. What about getting married in Amalfi Coast?

A. You may found on my Bio that this is where I come from. The Amalfi coast have, and will always have a special spot in my hearth! Across my early life I have also been working as a tourist driver on the coast, from Sorrento to Maiori going trough Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, Atrani, Ravello, Agerola, Minori. This places will blow your mind!

Because of that I'm able to offer amazing prices for destination wedding in the Amalfi Coast, with no need for accomodation and food and cheap to no transport costs. The above will make my alligned or even below the price of a local Amalfi Coast photographer, with all the advantages of a DP.

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