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International Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Welcome, I'm Alessandro

I do exclusive photography all over the world

my name is Alessandro Mastellone and I'm an Italian wedding and portrait photographer specialized in portrait, candid and creative documentary wedding photography. In the last 7 years, my work has led me to define a personal style focused on people and their emotions, and I’m now offering my work worldwide, telling once-in-a-lifetime stories about wonderful people.

I am passionate about catching intimate emotions and immersing the moment using colours and poses

Travelling the world is definitively a great way to grow, not only as a person but as photographer as well.

I was born in Italy, on the outstanding Amalfi coast, and now I live in England, in the sparkling Brighton, but life is only one and I love travelling, that’s why, wherever you need me, be reassured, I’ll be happy to be there for you!

I hope you enjoy exploring my website.

Thanks for visiting.

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About me
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I'm here to tell love stories all around the world

Unique engagement photography

I'm a specialized portrait photographer who uses great attention to colours and mood in his compositions. 

In my wedding photography I prioritize the human component other than anything else, that's why my shots result different than others, capturing high intimacy and being able to give back the feeling of that day.


We all know how important and unrepeatable is that day and consequently how important are the memories to bring it back to our mind throughout our lives.

I take this thing really seriously!

I strive to always deliver the highest expression of professionalism and competence at work.
Whether it's a quick marriage at the town hall, or the most lavish of all-time parties, I'll be there to capture every moment, including those you've missed too.

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We finally look at our wedding photos and they are absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much. There are some really wonderful shots which I am so excited to print and frame and the more candid photos really captured the day in the most magical way. As we looked through them It was like we were re-living the whole day all over again.

I also wanted to say a huge thank you for all your time, patience and help on the day. I have had so many friends and family comment on how fantastic you were at the wedding, and that’s even before seeing the photos


We hire Alessandro for our wedding, him and is associate have been with us all day, from the early morning till late, even helping us moving between houses, town hall and restaurant. they put a scribe care in theyr job, and the final product is amazing, and they will be in my and my wife's memory forever


I'm sure it wasn't easy to make us to look so gorgeous, between embarassed faces and weird expressions. You have been really good! 

you can find my latest reviews HERE

What about the prices?
due to the huge amount of options available is difficult to give set prices.
Please contact me with all the details to receive a personalized quote


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